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Why do the prices of fire doors vary so much?

When purchasing fire doors, we will find that the prices of fire doors in the market vary greatly, which makes many people confused and do not know how to choose fire doors. In fact, the price of fire doors is affected by many factors, including material type, fire protection level, material quality, brand and other privacy, etc. Let Wanxin Fire Protection analyze the specific differences for you below.

1. Material influence

Fire doors are made of steel, wood, steel and wood, etc. Different materials have different costs. Among them, steel fire doors are cheaper, cost-effective, and have a wide range of applications. However, steel fire doors are limited by their weight and style, so they are not suitable for frequent use. Open crowded places and places with high decorative requirements. Wooden fire doors are more expensive, made of fire-resistant wood, light in weight and beautiful in style, and steel-wood fire doors are moderately priced.
2. Influence of fire rating

Fire doors are divided into Class A, Class B, and Class C according to their fire ratings. Different classes of fire doors have different fire resistance. Among them, Class A fire doors have the highest fire resistance rating, with a fire-resistant duration of 90 minutes, Class B for 60 minutes, and Class C for 60 minutes. 30 minutes. The higher the fire resistance level, the thicker the material thickness, the higher the production cost and the more expensive the price.
3. Material selection

The choice of materials directly affects the fire resistance of fire doors. For example, the fireproof inner core filled in the fire door has different fire resistance. Some unscrupulous manufacturers choose inner cores with poor fire resistance in order to save costs, which directly reduces the fire resistance.

4. Brand selection

Fire doors made by different brands have different labor costs due to differences in craftsmanship, raw materials, technology, after-sales, etc., so the prices of fire doors will also be different. When comparing manufacturers, it is best to choose a manufacturer with a strong brand. The quality of this kind of manufacturer is usually guaranteed, and of course the price may be higher. If the budget is not sufficient, you can also choose a manufacturer with excellent product quality but not strong brand reputation.

The above is the whole content of the price difference of fire doors, what else do you want to know, welcome to private message Wanxin Fire Protection!



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