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What is the difference between a normally open fire door and a normally closed fire door

With the increasing progress of production and life, fire doors have gradually become a must-have for modern buildings, which can provide sufficient protection for our lives and properties. In the market, normally open fire doors and normally closed fire doors are the two most common types. Although they are both fire doors, they have some differences. This article will delve into the differences between normally open and normally closed fire doors.

1. Definition

Normally open fire doors and normally closed fire doors are two types of fire doors. Among them, the normally closed fire door is a door that can be automatically closed in the event of a fire, and its closing method is electromagnetic control or hydraulic control; while the normally open fire door is a door that can be kept open in the event of a fire and cannot be automatically closed.

2. Structure

The structure of the normally closed fire door is relatively simple. It is usually made of fireproof board, steel plate, aluminum alloy and other materials, and an electromagnetic lock or linkage will be installed on the side of the door. When the sensor detects a fire, the electromagnetic lock or linkage is automatically released, and the door closes and works like any other fire barrier.

In contrast, the structure of the normally open fire door is relatively complicated, and a special fire door fixing device needs to be installed to keep it open. In the event of a fire, the normally open fire door needs to use another fire prevention method Guarantee its safety.

3. Purpose

Normally closed fire doors are commonly used in the fire separation of fire exits, elevator halls, corridors and other entrances and exits of buildings. Its advantage is that there is no need to manually close the fire door when a fire occurs, it can block the fire passage in time and completely, effectively control the fire range, and improve the fire safety of the building.

The normally open fire doors are usually used in fire exits that need frequent passage, or in special areas of other buildings, so that the buildings can escape quickly under normal conditions and avoid fires that cause inconvenience to personnel.

4. Operation and maintenance

Normally closed fire doors that are automatically closed require regular inspection and maintenance. When closing, the reset position, speed and speed must be strictly controlled to avoid accidents. During use, it is necessary to clean the surface of the door body and the door frame and other parts frequently to prevent the accumulation of dust, grease and other substances from affecting its normal operation. The normally open fire doors need to be kept clean during use, and the brakes and pulleys need to be oiled and maintained to ensure smooth and accurate opening and closing.

In short, normally open fire doors and normally closed fire doors are different in structure, use, operation and maintenance. Architectural design needs to select the appropriate type of fire doors according to the actual situation to achieve the purpose of protecting people’s lives and property.



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