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Stainless Steel Fire Door Manufacturers

made in China
Type: stainless steel fire door
Material: stainless steel + perlite
Applicable places: schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other large buildings
Fire rating: Class A, Class B, Class C
Functionality: fire prevention, smoke resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance
Color classification: Multi-color optional
Delivery cycle: 15 working days
Door opening method: mother-in-law door, single door, left and right single door, side door
Size: Both standard and custom sizes are available
Mode of transportation: direct car

  • Product Details

1. Stainless steel fire doors: doors and windows made of high-quality stainless steel plates are filled with perlite heat insulation materials, which also contain double fireproof boards, and are also equipped with fireproof hardware and fireproof sealing strips, so its heat insulation The performance is particularly good, and it has a good fire prevention effect, which meets everyone’s safety needs. 2. Stainless steel fire doors not only have the effect of fire prevention, but also have a particularly stable appearance and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel fire doors also have a moisture-proof effect, and are particularly strong in corrosion resistance. Compared with doors and windows made of other materials, they have many advantages and are also very cost-effective.



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