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steel fire windows

made in China
Type: steel fireproof window
Material: galvanized steel plate + fireproof material
Applicable places: shops, industries and engineering, etc.
Fire rating: Class A, Class B, Class C
Functionality: fire prevention, smoke resistance, heat insulation
Color classification: Multi-color optional
Delivery cycle: 15 working days
Size: Both standard and custom sizes are available
Mode of transportation: direct car

  • Product Details

1. Steel fire-resistant windows: refers to windows that use steel as a frame to meet fire-resistant stability, fire-resistant integrity and heat insulation within a certain period of time. Window frames are framed in steel or wood with sufficient strength to ensure component integrity and stability.

2. Galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate can be used for steel frame and bead.

3. The filling materials inside the steel and wood frames should be non-combustible materials.

4. The fire-resistant glass can be selected from products that do not affect the fire-resistant performance of the fire-resistant window. The light transmittance of the glass is not less than 75% of that of ordinary flat glass with the same number of layers.

5. The sealing material between the frame and the fire-resistant glass should be made of flame-retardant materials, which can play the role of fire prevention and smoke isolation in case of fire. 6. Generally, it is classified according to the fire resistance limit: Class A fire windows, Class B fire windows, and Class C fire windows

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