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glass smoke screen

made in China Class Type: Glass smoke screen wall Material: tempered fireproof glass Applicable places: shopping malls, shops, workshops, households, etc. Functionality: Fire prevention, smoke insulation Color classification: Multi-color optional Delivery cycle: 15 working days Size: Both standard and custom sizes are available Mode of transportation: direct car

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1. Made of non-combustible materials, fixed or movable smoke-stopping facilities that sag not less than 500 mm from the ceiling. Movable smoke-blocking wall refers to the smoke-blocking wall that automatically droops due to the action of temperature sensing, smoke sensing or other control equipment in case of fire. It is mainly used in high-rise or super-high-rise large shopping malls, office buildings and warehouses, etc. It can effectively prevent the lateral flow of smoke under the roof of the building, so as to improve the smoke exhaust effect in the smoke prevention zone, and play a certain role in ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property . 2. The glass smoke-blocking wall is tempered with ordinary glass. The glass after fire-proof treatment is used for fire prevention. The purpose of using glass for the smoke-blocking wall is for aesthetics, and the thickness is generally 06 glass. The installation of the glass smoke-blocking wall is made of square tubes or stainless steel square tubes, brackets, screws, and glass. It is called a glass smoke-blocking wall, also called a steel smoke-blocking wall.



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