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Single double hair shower

Place of Origin: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Product Name: Air Shower Room
Applicable places: dust-free workshop, operating room, food factory, laboratory, etc.
Functionality: dust removal, purification
Color classification: Multi-color optional
Delivery cycle: 15 working days

Size: standard version and customized version
Mode of transportation: direct car

  • Product Details

The air shower is the necessary purification equipment for personnel entering the clean room and dust-free workshop. It has strong versatility and can be used with all clean rooms and clean workshops. The air is sprayed from all directions by the 360-degree rotatable nozzle to the person, effectively and quickly removing dust, hair, dandruff and other sundries attached to the clothes, thereby reducing the environmental pollution caused by people entering and leaving the clean room .

1. The voice intelligent control system is adopted, and the LED display on the control panel correctly displays the status of the air shower, the interlock status of the double doors, the progress of the shower cycle and the delayed door opening status, and is equipped with a photoelectric sensor one-way channel air shower room, It is not a clean area, and after the infrared sensor is closed, the infrared sensor will blow the shower, and the door will be locked after the shower.

2. The two doors of the fully automatic air shower are electronically interlocked, which can also act as an air gate valve to prevent external pollution and unpurified air areas.

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