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Industrial doors Factory industrial fire doors

made in China
Type: Industrial Door
Material: steel
Applicable places: Large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines
Functionality:             heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, wind resistance
Color classification: Multi-color optional
Delivery cycle: 15 working days
Door opening method: mother-in-law door, single door, left and right single door, side door
Size: Both standard and custom sizes are available
Mode of transportation: direct car

  • Product Details

Industrial doors are commonly used facilities in enterprises, suitable for large warehouses, logistics industries, medicine, food, factories and mines and other industries that have relatively high requirements for opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, and wind resistance. Especially the door opening is large, and it is convenient and quick to open the place where it is inconvenient to install the ground door body. Industrial doors are divided into: industrial rolling doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, manual/electric sliding doors, fast rolling doors and other types. The production area of industrial rolling doors is within 65-70 square meters, and the wind resistance can reach level 10. Industrial sliding doors are divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and high lifting, while electric sliding doors are divided into two types: horizontal pair switch or one-way switch from the middle to both sides.



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