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fire-proof door/

Plastic steel fire-resistant window

made in China
Type: plastic steel fire-resistant window
Material: aluminum plastic + steel
Applicable places: on the firewall of high-rise buildings
Fire rating: Class A, Class B, Class C
Functionality: fire resistance, fire prevention, smoke resistance, heat insulation
Color classification: Multi-color optional
Delivery cycle: 15 working days
Size: Both standard and custom sizes are available
Mode of transportation: direct car

  • Product Details

The outer layer of the plastic-steel fireproof window is mainly made of high-strength anti-oxidation plastic PVC, and the inner support is made of steel. Due to the use of aluminum-plastic materials, it is not easy to conduct heat, and has good sealing and heat insulation. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly door and window that is mainly promoted in China. Compared with traditional wooden and steel doors and windows, it has better heat insulation, anti-aging, sound insulation and good sealing.


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