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How to distinguish true and false fire doors


When buying fire doors, it is required to purchase targeted fire doors, such as apartments, shopping malls, office buildings and other places, you can consider choosing steel fire doors, and the fire ratings of fire doors are not the same, consumers should be clear when purchasing. required fire rating.

Secondly, it is also necessary to carefully identify the appearance of the fire door. Among them, the real fire doors not only have a smooth surface without cracks, but also require the steel and wood surfaces of the fire doors to be clear and rust-free. Consumers can judge whether it is genuine by observing the lines and shapes of the product. Fake and shoddy fire doors usually use inferior materials, not only have a lower fire rating, but also have a rough appearance. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the appearance and texture of products when purchasing.
Furthermore, the authenticity of the fire door can also be roughly judged on the inspection certificate. Regular fire door manufacturers will issue corresponding certificates after the product inspection is qualified, which will indicate the fire protection level and quality level of the product. The inspection certificate will also have marks such as production date and implementation standards, while fake and shoddy fire doors usually do not have inspection certificates, or the product implementation standards indicated on the inspection certificate do not meet national standards.
The fireproof performance, airtightness and sound insulation effect of fire doors are the core competitiveness among various brands. When purchasing a fire door, pay particular attention to the following details:

1. Fireproof sealing strips should be installed under the fire doors, which can effectively prevent the fire from spreading.

2. The door frame of the fire door should fit closely with the door leaf without gaps, and the door frame should have the ability to deform, so as to ensure the airtight performance.

3. Fire doors are heavier than ordinary doors, and have higher requirements on the airtightness of fire doors. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to choosing fire doors with guaranteed quality when purchasing to ensure the durability of the doors. and fire performance.

In short, when buying fire doors in daily life, consumers should choose the brand of regular manufacturers to ensure safety. For uncertain brands, it is best not to buy to avoid safety accidents.



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