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What are the fire door hardware accessories?

1. Fireproof lock

Fireproof locks are mainly applied to fire doors. It is divided into ordinary fireproof locks and fire exit locks. Ordinary fireproof locks mainly play the role of opening and locking, while fire exit locks are used in emergency exits to ensure the safety of people’s lives. , the main difference between the two is with and without a key.

2. Fireproof hinge

The fire hinge is a part that connects the door and the door frame, and mainly plays the role of supporting the door body. It is divided into built-in hinges and external hinges, the former is suitable for outward opening doors, and the latter is suitable for inner opening doors. Usually, each fire door is equipped with 3 fireproof hinges.

3. Fireproof plug

The fire bolt is a simple part applied to the fire door to prevent the door from opening. It is usually made of metal. When a fire occurs, the fire door can be inserted to prevent fire. However, according to the regulations of the fire department, the fire door must be kept closed during the operation period of the public place, but the latch must be opened.

4. Fire door closer

A device installed on the upper part of the swing door leaf or built into the door leaf is composed of metal bullets and hydraulic damping. Its function is to ensure that the door is in a normally closed state and avoid the passage of instantaneous fire. It is divided into two types: one is a normally open door closer, and the other is a normally closed door closer.

5. Sequencer

The fire door sequencer is a locking mechanism located on the locking shaft and the small shaft. It has the function of closing in sequence during fire linkage, so that the doors can be closed smoothly. It is mostly installed on the fire doors of evacuation walkways, stairwells, and front rooms. .



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