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Treatment method for moldy rubber strips of fire doors

The fire door rubber strip is an important part of the fire door, it can effectively improve the sealing performance of the fire door, prevent the fire from spreading further when a fire occurs, and protect people’s lives and property safety. Its main material is silicone rubber, which is characterized by good high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. If other additives are added to the fire door rubber strip, the performance of the material can be improved, such as enhancing cold resistance, aging resistance, reducing oxidation, etc.

Its installation method is very simple, you only need to attach the fire door adhesive tape to the joint between the door frame and the door leaf. Pay attention to the thickness and length of the rubber strip during installation to ensure that the sealing performance meets the standard. In addition to being used on fire doors, fire door seals can also be used to seal other building materials and equipment. For example, it is widely used in floors, walls, ceilings and glass curtain walls in buildings to maintain the airtightness and sound insulation of buildings. In mechanical and electrical equipment, fire door rubber strips can prevent dust, moisture and other impurities from entering the inside of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.

How to deal with moldy fire door rubber strip? Over time, the rubber strip may become moldy due to moisture, which will affect the sealing effect of the door seam, thereby affecting the safety of fire escape. Therefore, it is very important to deal with moldy fire door rubber strips in time. It is necessary to wash the dirt between the door gaps with detergent, dry the surface of the door gaps, and keep the door gaps dry. Moldy parts can then be sterilized with a cleaning or sanitizing solution. After cleaning, clean the mildew spots and other stains on the rubber strip with a brush, and dry it with a rag. At the same time, you can spray detergent on it and wipe it clean to achieve the mildew removal effect. If the rubber strip is severely moldy, it may need to be replaced with a new fire door rubber strip. In daily life, it is necessary to maintain the air circulation in the room, and try to avoid the room being humid or stacking too many items, which will benefit the protection and protection of the fire door rubber strip. For the moldy problem of fire door rubber strips, it is very important to deal with it in time. Keeping the door gaps dry, sterilizing and cleaning the rubber strips with detergents and disinfectants, enabling air circulation, and daily maintenance are all very important methods to avoid moldy fire door rubber strips.



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