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Installation method of glass fiber sealing strip for marine fire doors

Marine fire doors are a kind of fire prevention facilities to ensure the safety of ships at sea. In today’s maritime transportation, safety is the most important part, especially for ships, if a fire occurs, it may cause very serious consequences, and even endanger the lives of personnel. Therefore, marine fire doors are particularly important.

There are many types of marine fire doors including hatch type, door type, sliding door type, revolving door type and many more. Different types of fire doors are suitable for different ships and cabins and different environments. The material, design and installation position of marine fire doors themselves also determine their fire performance. Generally speaking, the materials of marine fire doors include steel, aluminum, glass, etc., and their design is usually carried out in accordance with international standards and regulations such as the European Union and the United States. For ships, the fire performance of marine fire doors is very important. Therefore, the corresponding international standards and regulations must be strictly followed during design, manufacture and installation.

How to install the fiberglass sealing strip for marine fire doors The safety and sealing of marine fire doors are extremely important, and the installation of fiberglass sealing strips is also a key part. This article will introduce in detail from three aspects: pre-installation preparations, installation steps and precautions. 1. Preparatory work before installation Before installation, the following preparations need to be done. 1. Prepare tools: The tools needed during installation include hammer, wrench, small hammer, flat pliers, etc. It must be ensured that these tools are clean and free from dirt such as oil. 2. Clean the door frame: Before installation, you need to clean the door frame first, and thoroughly remove the oil, dust, rust and other sundries on the door frame to ensure that the sealing strip can fit the door frame tightly and achieve the best sealing effect. 3. Measure the width: Use a tape measure to measure the width of the door frame, and record it, so as to prepare for the subsequent installation of the sealing strip. 2. Installation steps The installation steps mainly include: pre-cutting the sealing strip, fixing the glass fiber sealing strip, adjusting the sealing strip to a suitable length, and closing the gap between the glass sliding doors. 1. Pre-cut the sealing strip: Take out a good amount of sealing strip, and use flat pliers or scissors to pre-cut the sealing strip according to the length of the door frame. 2. Fix the fiberglass sealing strip: Lightly tap the pre-cut sealing strip on the door frame with a hammer, and at the same time ensure that the position of the sealing strip is perpendicular to the door frame and the ground. Prepare a ring of nails within the length specified for the seal treatment, and establish a pressure-sensitive patch at the intersection of the projecting end of the envelope and the border. 3. Adjust the sealing strip to the appropriate length: After the sealing strip is fixed on the door frame, it is necessary to check whether its length is appropriate. If the length is not suitable, you can use scissors or a wrench to adjust it to a suitable length. 4. Close the glass sliding door gap: adjust the closing glass sliding door gap according to the height of the glass sliding door, and use sealing tape to seal the glass sliding door gap and the opening between the door frame. 3. Precautions: When installing the fiberglass sealing strip, you also need to pay attention to the following points: 1. During the installation process, you must ensure that the sealing strip fits tightly without gaps; 2. When cutting the sealing strip, you must cut it Cut to the appropriate length to avoid waste; 3. When pinning the sealing strip, be careful not to tear the sealing strip; 4. When cleaning the door frame, it must be kept clean to ensure that the sealing strip fits tightly. To sum up, the installation of fiberglass sealing strips for marine fire doors is a relatively cumbersome process, which requires certain steps to be followed. Only by following the correct steps for installation can the tightness and safety of the sealing strip be guaranteed.



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