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What should I do if the fire door height exceeds 2.3 meters?

As an important fireproof partition in a building, the height of the fireproof door is generally stipulated according to the planning of the building design and the fire protection standard. Buildings of different types and uses have different height requirements. Under normal circumstances, the height of fire doors in public halls and stair passages in residential quarters should be more than 2 meters. For commercial, office and public buildings, the height requirements of fire doors are generally higher, usually 2.2 meters or more, because these buildings have a large flow of people, and fire doors need to ensure that they can effectively isolate fire and Toxic smoke. However, if the fire door exceeds 2.3 meters, some special measures must be taken to ensure its normal use and function. Generally speaking, if the height of the fire door exceeds 2.3 meters, it needs to be specially designed and manufactured according to national standards. Specifically, these doors require increased support structures to withstand the greater weight and pressure. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the connection between the door leaf and the frame to improve the overall stability of the door. In addition, for buildings with fire doors higher than 2.3 meters, special consideration needs to be given to the issue of mandatory evacuation. Because in emergencies such as fire, not only the fire door itself, but also factors such as the width of the door and evacuation passages, safety distance and ventilation conditions affect the escape. Therefore, relevant departments need to formulate detailed emergency plans and escape guidelines to ensure that people in the building can quickly and safely evacuate to designated safe areas in emergency situations such as fire. Fire doors with a height exceeding 2.3 meters also require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure the continuity of their use and function. Building management personnel need to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of fire doors in accordance with relevant regulations, and timely discover and deal with any safety hazards and problems. In conclusion, a fire door higher than 2.3 meters is an important building safety issue that requires special design, manufacture, evacuation plans and maintenance measures to ensure that it functions effectively and provides security for the occupants of the building.



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