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What is a fire door electromagnetic release



The fire door electromagnetic release is a common fire door accessory, mainly used to control the opening and closing of the fire door. In emergency situations such as fire, the fire door can be opened quickly through the electromagnetic release device to help people evacuate in time and prevent the fire from spreading.

Generally, the fire door electromagnetic release device is an important fire protection equipment, which is used to monitor the opening and closing status of the fire door. Its main function is to ensure that the fire door can be quickly closed in the event of a fire, isolating the fire scene, and effectively preventing the fire from spreading. A fire door electromagnetic release usually consists of two parts: an electromagnet and a release. The electromagnet is responsible for generating a magnetic field, attracting the metal parts of the fire door to keep it closed; the release device is responsible for cutting off the power supply in case of fire, making the electromagnet lose its function, thereby releasing the fire door and ensuring the smooth evacuation of personnel. The fire door electromagnetic release is generally installed above or below the fire door, and the installation position can also be customized according to needs. Its working principle is realized through electrical control, and it is mainly closely combined with the door body, door frame, door lock and other components of the fire door, so as to realize the monitoring and control of the fire door state. The electromagnetic release device for fire doors has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation, and fast response, and is one of the important fire protection equipment. In addition, its material is generally made of high-strength alloy material, which has strong corrosion resistance and durability, and can work stably for a long time in a complex environment.

The electromagnetic release device for fire doors is an important part of ensuring the fire safety of buildings, and its role cannot be ignored. When installing and using, it needs to be operated in accordance with the corresponding standards and requirements, and regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its normal use and effective fire protection.



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