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Is the installation of fire doors a construction project?

As an important fire protection equipment, fire doors play an indispensable role in buildings. Regardless of whether you choose or install a fire door, you must follow the process so that the fire door can play its role.

When installing fire doors, it is necessary to sign a fire door installation contract to ensure the compliance of the installation plan, including the following aspects:

1. The main body of the fire door installation contract. It includes the installer and the entrusting party. The installer must provide relevant professional qualifications and acceptance certificates. The entrusting party refers to the user unit or the owner of the building that needs to install fire doors.

2. Obligations and Responsibilities. The fire door installation contract should specify the obligations and responsibilities of the installer, including construction quality, construction period, quality of materials and equipment, installation standards and requirements, acceptance requirements, etc. At the same time, it should also stipulate the liability for breach of contract that the installer must bear, as well as the liability for breach of contract of the entrusting party.

3. Project payment. The fire door installation contract should specify the payment method, amount, payment period and other conditions of the project payment, as well as the tax and fee list, material list, equipment list and labor cost list agreed by both parties. Expense increase and decrease and claim provisions, etc.

4. Acceptance criteria. The fire door installation contract shall specify the fire door acceptance criteria, acceptance procedures and the entrusting party’s inspection rights. At the same time, it should also stipulate how to deal with the problems found in the acceptance process, as well as the handling method and responsibility in the case of failure to meet the acceptance criteria.

5. Other terms. The fire door installation contract should include the agreement on the rights and obligations of both parties, as well as matters that both parties need to pay attention to during the implementation process, such as handling of emergencies, contract changes, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to stipulate the effective time and place of performance of the contract, as well as the method of contract dispute resolution and other issues.

Does the fire door installation contract belong to the construction project? The installation of fire doors can be part of a construction project and is generally considered during the design and construction of a building as a measure of fire safety.



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