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Can foam walls be used for fire doors?

Can foam walls be used for fire doors?
It is common for people who need to renovate their homes to be faced with doubts such as whether foam walls can be installed with fire doors. Before answering whether a foam wall can be installed with a fire door, it is necessary to look at the definition of a foam wall. Foam wall is a wall structure composed of foam material and concrete material. This kind of wall has good thermal insulation effect, and it is light and easy to install. Therefore, in the current construction market, foam walls are widely used.
Fire performance of foam walls
Regarding the fire performance of the foam wall, the first thing to be clear is that the foam wall itself has no fire protection function. On the contrary, foam materials belong to the category of flammable and combustible materials, which will accelerate the spread of fire for fire. However, for the foam wall of the concrete structure, due to its high density and thickness, it has the effect of heat insulation and smoke insulation to a certain extent. It also means that foam walls won’t burn through as easily as lightweight partitions.
It should be noted that the specific fire performance of the foam wall also needs to consider whether various facilities installed on it, such as lamps and sockets, meet the fire protection requirements. In general, foam walls are not able to withstand heavy-duty installations, so when installing these installations, fire doors of lightweight construction should be chosen.
Can foam walls be installed with fire doors
So, can foam walls be installed with fire doors? In fact, the answer is yes. However, it should be noted that, as a lightweight structure, the foam wall has high requirements for the support and fixing of the fire door. Therefore, when installing a fire door, a basic performance test should be carried out first to ensure that the installation capacity of the foam wall is sufficient. In the specific construction, attention should also be paid to the use of professional fire door installation and fixing tools and methods to ensure the stability of the fire door. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out overall waterproof and moisture-proof treatment on the wall surface to avoid loosening and deformation of the wall surface. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the selection of fire doors. You should choose door and window products with steel plates or steel as the main material. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the sealing performance of fire doors to ensure that they have good smoke insulation performance.
To sum up, foam walls can be installed with fire doors, but it should be noted that the specific support and fixing conditions of the foam walls should be considered when installing fire doors. Only after these problems are solved can the safety and use effect of fire doors be guaranteed. Therefore, when decorating a house, you should choose a professional fire door installation team to ensure the safety of the house.



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