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What is the difference between a purification door and a medical door

With the development of science and technology, people’s quality of life is constantly improving, and the requirements for living and working environments are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, purge doors and medical doors have become an essential part of homes and medical institutions.

So, what is the difference between a purification door and a medical door? What problems should be paid attention to during use? This article will address these issues in detail.

1. The concept and application of clean door and medical door

Purification door is a kind of electrostatic purification equipment, which is widely used in the fields of electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, medicine, aviation, precision machinery and so on. The purification door mainly removes particles in the air through the principle of electrostatic adsorption and particle integration, and reduces cross-infection in the air. It has the functions of purifying air, sterilizing and keeping clean and dust-free, and is widely used in laboratories, operating rooms, clean rooms and other occasions.

The medical door is a special door, which has the effects of fire prevention, anti-theft, noise and smoke isolation, and is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and other places. In addition to the above functions, medical doors can also prevent the spread of infection and protect the health of medical staff and patients. Medical doors are usually installed in clean areas, sterile rooms, anesthesia rooms, etc. of hospitals, which can effectively prevent cross-infection and control the entry and exit of medical personnel and articles.

2. The difference between the purification door and the medical door

While purification doors and healing doors share some similarities, there are also many differences between them. It is analyzed from the following aspects:

1. Different functions

The purification door is mainly used to purify the air and reduce cross-infection in the air. The medical door is mainly used to control the entry and exit of medical personnel and items to prevent cross-infection. Therefore, the functions of the purification door and the medical door are different.

2. Different materials and structures

The main material of the purification door is aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and adopts dust-free coating technology, the surface is smooth and easy to clean. Their structure is generally relatively simple, there are single door, double door and other styles. The medical door is made of special materials, such as fire-resistant, sound-proof, photocatalyst, anti-ultraviolet and other materials, which can effectively prevent the spread of cross-infection. There are also many structures and styles of medical doors, including single doors, double doors, sliding doors, etc.

3. The installation location is different

Purification doors are generally installed in laboratories, operating rooms, clean rooms, etc., and are usually set at internal or external doors. The installation position of the medical door is more strict. It is generally installed in the clean area, sterile room, anesthesia room and other places of the hospital, and is only open to special personnel and items. Therefore, the installation location and requirements of medical doors are more stringent than clean doors.

3. Precautions for the use of clean doors and medical doors

1. Use of purge door

During the use of the purification door, it is necessary to pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure its normal operation and long service life. In addition, pay attention to the ambient humidity and temperature when using the purification door. It is best to install a manual regulator with a humidity sensor to keep the relative humidity inside the door stable. In addition, the electrostatic purification device of the purification door should not be stopped for a long time, otherwise it will affect the purification effect of the door.

2. The use of medical doors

During the use of the medical door, it is necessary to pay attention to setting up the relevant control system and perform regular maintenance to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the door. In addition, when entering and exiting the medical door, not only must follow the normal operation method to ensure the sealing and protection of the door, but also pay attention to preventing the spread of noise and smoke. When opening the medical door, hospital staff should pay attention to wearing professional work clothes and protective equipment to protect the health of themselves and patients.



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