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What if the fire door is locked?

Fire doors are very important safety facilities in buildings, which can provide valuable escape time for people in the event of a fire. However, in some special cases, the fire door may be locked, which will pose a threat to people’s life safety. So, what should we do when the fire door is locked? Now Wanxin Fire Protection will provide you with detailed solutions.

1. The reason why the fire door is locked

There are many reasons why a fire door is locked, mainly including the following:

1. Failure of the access control system: Due to the failure of the access control system, it may cause the fire door to be locked.

2. Misoperation: Sometimes people will lock the fire door due to misoperation, such as forgetting the key in the door, or locking the door lock.

3. Power failure: Fire doors usually need to be powered by a power supply, if the power fails, it may cause the fire door to be locked.

4. Fire accident: In the event of a fire accident, the fire door will be automatically locked, which is for safety reasons.

2. How to solve the problem that the fire door is locked

1. Solve through legal channels: If the lock of the fire door is caused by the negligence or deliberate intention of management agencies such as property companies or owners, then the problem can be solved through legal means.

2. Repair the access control system: If the access control system causes the fire door to be locked, then you need to contact a professional access control system maintenance company for repair and debugging.

3. Repair power failure: If the fire door is locked due to power failure, then the power failure needs to be repaired to ensure that the power supply to the door is normal.

4. Emergency unlocking: If the fire door is locked due to misoperation or other reasons, you can contact a professional lock company for emergency unlocking to open the door.

5. Unlocking by ourselves: Without the help of professionals, we can try to open the lock of the fire door by ourselves. However, before taking action, you need to understand the types and structures of the locks, and have relevant skills and experience.

All of the above methods can help us solve the problem that the fire door is locked. However, in actual actions, we need to analyze specific situations and seek professional help on the premise of ensuring our own safety.

3. How to prevent the fire door from being locked

In addition to taking corresponding measures after the fire door is locked, we can also avoid the fire door being locked by the following methods:

1. Regular maintenance: Fire doors need regular maintenance to keep the door body and door leaves in normal use, and replace worn parts in time.

2. Serious use: When using a fire door, it is necessary to use it carefully, operate the door lock correctly, and ensure that the door body is clean and tidy to avoid problems.

3. Supervision and inspection: If it is a fire door in a public place, regular supervision and inspection of the access control system is required to ensure the normal passage of the door.

Fire doors are very important safety facilities. If the fire doors are locked, people’s lives will be threatened. Therefore, we must use fire doors carefully, conduct regular maintenance, and conduct regular supervision and inspections to prevent the fire doors from being locked. Only in this way can people’s lives be guaranteed.



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