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How many centimeters are required to install fire doors from the ground?

Many people may not know the correct installation position and height of fire doors. According to building safety regulations, the installation position and height of fire doors should meet the following requirements:

First, fire doors are generally installed at area dividers, such as the exits of public corridors and other independent areas. These doors should be installed in the center of the wall or in the middle of the gate opening.

Second, fire doors should be installed inside the building, and if necessary, fire doors can be installed outside the building. The installation location should take into account the location of the fire source and the location of the fire sensor.

Third, the fire door should be installed on the wall, floor or ceiling, and the height should be 20 cm above the ground. In special cases, such as fire doors in basement rooms or other exits from lower floors, the height of the fire door from the ground can be changed to 10-15 cm.



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