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Classification of soundproof windows

Soundproof windows are windows that can reduce noise. By adopting high-tech materials and structural design, the sound of noise transmitted from the outside of the window to the interior can be minimized. The classification of soundproof windows is mainly classified according to their structure and material. Below, we discuss in detail the different classifications and characteristics of soundproof windows.

1. Single layer soundproof glass window

Single-layer soundproof glass window is a kind of traditional soundproof window, and its sound insulation effect basically depends on the sound insulation effect of single layer glass itself. The sound insulation effect of single-layer soundproof glass windows is relatively poor, but the price is relatively low. It is also relatively easy to maintain and clean compared to other types of soundproof windows.

2. Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass. The special sound insulation material and design are used between the two glass sheets, which can greatly improve the sound insulation effect. The sound insulation effect is much better than that of single-layer soundproof glass windows. Therefore, double-layer soundproof glass windows are widely used in various high-end buildings, such as office buildings, hospitals and schools, etc.

3. Vacuum glass soundproof windows

The vacuum glass soundproof window is composed of two pieces of glass. There is an air layer between the two pieces of glass, and the principle of vacuum heat insulation is used to achieve the effect of sound insulation. The sound insulation and thermal insulation effects of vacuum glass soundproof windows are very good, but the price is relatively high.

4. Hollow glass soundproof window

Insulating glass soundproof windows are composed of two sheets of glass. There is a layer of air or a very thin interlayer between the two pieces of glass. Through this structural design, the effect of sound insulation is achieved. Compared with other types of soundproof windows, the price of insulating glass soundproof windows is more affordable, but the sound insulation effect is relatively poor.

5. Multilayer soundproof windows

Laminated soundproof windows are composed of multiple layers of glass and soundproofing materials. These windows are so soundproof that they are almost completely soundproofed. Therefore, it is widely used in places with severe noise such as factories, event venues and residences.

6. Additional windows

The additional window is to install a layer of soundproof windows on the basis of the original windows. This method is more economical in terms of cost and is suitable for residential and other occasions. However, additional windows often occupy indoor space visually, so they are not suitable for environments with aesthetic requirements.

In short, the classification of soundproof windows is mainly classified according to their structure and materials. When choosing soundproof windows, you need to choose according to your actual needs. If you need the best sound insulation effect and don’t care about the cost, it is recommended to choose laminated soundproof windows or vacuum glass soundproof windows. If the budget is more limited, you can choose single-layer or double-glazed soundproof windows.





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