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What is the difference between a door closer and a sequencer


Nowadays, many people use door-related devices in the process of home improvement, especially for the order of doors and the way of closing doors. There are two very common devices, namely door closers and sequencers. So is there any difference between the two in actual use?

First, let’s look at the door closers. The main function of the door closer is to automatically close the door. The door is closed by a spring installed on the door, and the closing speed is relatively slow. Door closers are usually divided into two types: hydraulic and spring. Hydraulic door closers use oil-hydraulic buffers, which can precisely control the closing speed. The spring door closer uses an internal spring to control the closing speed.

The sequencer is different from the door closer. The function of the sequencer is to control the opening of the door, so that the door can stop at any position slowly and step by step, which is very convenient. The sequencer works the same whether it is opened from the inside or from the outside. The advantage of the sequencer is that it can prevent the door from opening or closing suddenly in the case of strong wind, and it is very strong in wind resistance.

So what are the differences in their usage scenarios? Generally speaking, door closers are mainly suitable for interior doors, such as office doors and so on. The sequencer is suitable for all types of doors, whether it is an indoor door or an outdoor door, especially in a windy environment, the effect of the sequencer will be more obvious.

In addition, door closers and sequencers are also different in the way they are installed. Generally speaking, the door closer needs to be installed on the frame of the door, and the sequencer is installed on the other end of the door. Sequencers are more complicated to install than door closers and require professional installation.

To sum up, both the door closer and the sequencer function to help the door have a better sense of control when it is opened or closed. But they do not all work in the same way. They each work on different doors and are installed in different ways. Therefore, when choosing a door device, be sure to choose the appropriate device according to actual needs.




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