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How long can the purification door be used for?


The purification door is suitable for clean workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other occasions with clean requirements. It has the characteristics of integral molding of the door body mold, no gaps, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, many people will be curious, how long is the service life of the clean door?

Generally, when the clean door is manufactured to leave the factory, the material of the product itself is very durable, because the manufacture of the clean door must conform to its use environment. Compared with ordinary places, clean workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, etc. have cleanliness requirements Occasionally, the material requirements for the door will be higher. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the service life of the clean door will be between 10-20 years. But what you need to understand is that there is no standard for the service life of the clean door. Depending on the customer’s use, there may be different differences in use time, which should be included in the use loss of the clean door. Therefore, pay attention to the use and maintenance of the clean door at ordinary times, which can reduce the loss of life, and do not use it excessively or incorrectly.





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