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Opening and maintenance methods of automatic medical doors

With the improvement of people’s medical and health requirements, medical items have become very common in modern daily life, especially medical doors. Although the main application places of medical doors are still small clinics and hospitals, some places that pay more attention to medical care are also gradually using medical doors. Among them, the most widely used is the automatic medical door. This door was originally designed for hospitals, so it is somewhat different from ordinary doors. Today we will learn about the opening and maintenance methods of automatic medical doors.

1. The way to open the door

1. Inductive switch door: The inductive switch is a non-contact switch. The medical staff only need to extend their hands to the switch about ten centimeters, and the medical automatic door will automatically open.

2. Foot switch door: This is the most widely used door opening method for medical automatic doors. Medical staff only need to extend their feet to the foot switch sensing area, and the automatic door will automatically open.

2. Maintenance method

Automatic medical doors are mainly used in the operating rooms of major hospitals. This type of door needs to have good sealing to ensure that it can provide a good medical environment for patients in the operating room. Of course, after having a good door, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance work to ensure that the door will not go out due to long-term maintenance.

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