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How to distinguish the quality of the explosion vent window

Explosion-venting window is a light, energy-saving explosion-proof window. Since an explosion-proof membrane is installed on the interior surface of the window leaf, when an explosion occurs in the room and the pressure is close, the safety glass will be broken. However, due to the existence of the explosion-proof membrane, the explosion-proof membrane itself is not It will be shattered, but the shattered glass is tightly adsorbed by the explosion-proof membrane, and will not splash around, causing damage to surrounding property and personnel. The safety glass has an explosion-proof function, and the explosion-proof membrane has an energy-saving function, which meets the needs of modern buildings for energy conservation.

Explosion venting windows use ordinary safety glass as the basic material, which has wide applicability and can fully conform to the overall aesthetic effect of the building itself. It can be used not only on warehouses or workshops for storage or production of inflammable and explosive materials, but also on other civil buildings. The setting position can be selected at will, not only on the surrounding walls, but also on the roof superior.

The use of explosion-venting windows is no stranger now, especially now that there are many high-rise buildings in this big city, and there are many safety exits, so it is necessary to use explosion-venting windows. Among them, the use of explosion-venting windows is relatively more common. Everyone thinks that the quality of explosion-venting windows made of this material is more excellent, and the effect of fire prevention is also better. However, we must know that today’s market competition is quite fierce. Yes, any explosive product will always cause production disturbances. At this time, there are quite a lot of explosion-venting windows, many of which have inferior products, so how should we correctly identify the quality of explosion-venting windows?

Generally speaking, we can start with the brand first. The louder the brand, the more guaranteed and better the quality. At this time, we actually encourage everyone to choose such products, because the manufacturers of the brands are all Those who need to maintain their reputation will naturally have better quality. In addition, you can also start with the inspection certificate of the explosion-venting window. No matter what kind of explosion-venting window, as long as it is put into normal sales, it has a certain quality. Inspection certificate, so we can rest assured that the quality of the problem.



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