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Requirements for installation of roller shaft and curtain surface of inorganic cloth fireproof rolling shutter door


Inorganic cloth fire shutter door roll shaft installation

1. Before installation, check the welding of the shaft head of the reel, the quality of the straightness of the reel, and whether the fixed position of the first plate is parallel to the axial direction of the reel.

2. After the inspection is correct, use the corresponding safety lifting tools to hoist and assemble, install and fix the left and right brackets.

3. Requirements: After the reel shaft is installed, it should be inspected to confirm its levelness, and the levelness should not be greater than 2mm within the entire length.

Inorganic cloth fire shutter door curtain surface installation

1. Preparation: Open the book and check whether the curtain surface (steel, inorganic cloth) is deformed or damaged due to storage, transportation and other factors. And check the straightness and surface quality of the first panel, the end panel, the curtain panel, and the inorganic fabric curtain surface.

2. The first panel, the curtain surface and the end panel.

3. Requirements:

1) The length direction of the first plate should be parallel to the center line of the drum shaft, and fixed on the drum shaft with screws of specified specifications.

2) After the curtain surface is installed, it should be straight, with both sides perpendicular to the ground. After adjustment, the up and down operation shall not be skewed and offset, and the unevenness of the curtain surface shall not be greater than 1/300 of the height of the opening.

3) For curtains with windproof hooks, the universal direction of the windproof hooks should be consistent with the grooves of the side guide rails.

4) The end plate (seat plate) is parallel to the ground, and the contact should be uniform to ensure that the curtain surface rises and falls smoothly, and ensures that the curtain surface has an appropriate drape and self-weight drop, and the double curtains should run synchronously.

5) Inorganic fabric fire shutter doors are not allowed to have defects such as misalignment, missing corners, filling, tilting, jumping wires, broken wires, and chromatic aberration.





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