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Installation requirements for explosion-proof doors

1. Installation location of explosion-proof door:
The explosion-proof door should be arranged on the same axis as the ventilation shaft, facing the air flow direction of the air shaft;
The distance from the intersection of the air outlet shaft and the air tunnel to the coal-proof door is at least 10 meters shorter than the distance from this point to the suction port of the main fan.
2. Explosion-proof door section:
Not less than the sectional area of the outlet wellhead.
3. Explosion-proof door structure:
The structure is tight, must have sufficient strength, and have anti-corrosion and anti-throwing facilities.
4. The explosion-proof door is closed:
The explosion-proof door must be kept closed at all times, tight and airtight, and balance weights or other measures should be taken to make the explosion-proof door easy to open, and it is strictly forbidden to lock it.
5. Explosion-proof door export requirements:
It is strictly forbidden for the exit of the explosion-proof door to face other buildings.
6. The processing and installation of explosion-proof doors must meet the following requirements:
1) The door frame structure is selected according to the shape of the roadway, semi-circular arch type or rectangular integral type, and the material is 11# mining I-beam;
An I-beam is welded in the center of the door frame. Each I-beam is of the same model, and the connection between them is welding.
The processing technology is simple, and the flatness of the joint between the door frame and the door panel can be easily guaranteed.
2) The door panels are also semi-arched or rectangular, with one on the left and one on the left. The materials are 75×75×8mm angle steel and 3mm thick steel plates, which are welded to each other to form the door panels. The ability to resist pressure deformation;
Equally, because the structure is simple and convenient, the plane of the door panel surface is easy to guarantee.
3) Sealing method:
The door panel and the door frame are sealed with 10×45×1660mm or 10×45×3255mm rubber strips, and the rubber strips are fixed on the door panel with iron bead 5×30×1620mm or 5×30×3220mm and bolts;
The fronts of the left and right door panels are equipped with sealing rubber strips along the outer edge. The rubber strips are processed into 450 at both ends and bonded with neoprene adhesive (813), so that the sealing materials form “mouths” on the left and right door panels respectively. ” word sealing ring;
When the explosion-proof door is closed, the mine negative pressure door panel is tightly attached to the door frame, thereby forming an airtight seal to prevent air leakage.
4) The clearance fit is adopted between the door panel shaft and the support, and sufficient adjustment clearance is considered. When the sealing rubber strip is worn and its height becomes smaller, under the action of negative pressure, the sealing rubber strip can still be ensured to be tightly attached to the door frame, making the explosion-proof The tightness of the door is not affected;



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