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Blast doors! How much do you know?

The explosion-proof door is to resist the accidental explosion of the external device of the industrial building, protect the safety of personnel and the internal equipment of the industrial building, and not be harmed by the explosion shock wave; effectively prevent the continuation of the explosion hazard. It is made of special industrial steel plates according to strictly set mechanical data, and equipped with high-performance hardware accessories, which is more practical and beautiful to use. Guarantee the safety of life and property. Explosion-proof doors are also called: anti-blast doors.

1. In the event of an explosion, follow the explosion incident pressure and reflection force set in advance notice. Explosion-proof doors can withstand the blasting pressure within this range, and achieve the necessary protection to prevent casualties and property losses.

2. After an explosion occurs, if the preset explosive force is not reached, the explosion-proof door can still be used normally.

3. When an explosion occurs, the explosive force reaches the preset setting and deformation may occur, but the door components can still be used to avoid people being detained and trapped.

4. The necessary airtight isolation function prevents direct convection between the isolated space and the outside air, so as to reduce the isolated and protected space from being polluted by the outside world.

5. The explosion-proof door is a safety facility with self-closing function and emergency escape function.



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