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What are the classifications of industrial doors and how to choose them?

What are the classifications of industrial doors, and what scenarios are industrial doors generally used in? Generally speaking, the industrial door is a commonly used facility in the factory area of the enterprise. It is usually suitable for some large warehouses, workshops, logistics, machinery, medicine, food and other places. The industrial door is for the opening speed in the production process of these places Provide guarantee. For example, some production sites have relatively high requirements for heat preservation, wind resistance, sound insulation, and sealing, and the door openings of the site are relatively large. In this case, it is not convenient to install ordinary doors. At this time, industrial doors can be quickly opened. Effect.

There are many types of industrial doors, which are divided into many categories according to different purposes, such as industrial suspension doors, stacking doors, lifting doors, folding doors, sliding doors and so on. Choosing an industrial door requires analysis and judgment based on the site conditions of your own company. Each industrial door has its own characteristics and advantages.

In addition, according to the area of industrial doors, there is another category of industrial doors called super large industrial doors. This kind of oversized industrial door is usually used for some relatively large-scale industrial production needs, or some large-scale equipment transportation and production sites, as well as large-scale warehouse storage or large-scale maintenance sites. The design of this super large industrial door is specially produced for the special environmental requirements of some machinery industry fields.

So if an enterprise has the need to purchase industrial doors, how to choose the correct industrial doors that are suitable for its own production environment?

① Comply with enterprise practicability

Simply put, practicality is in line with the actual situation of your own business site. Usually, industrial doors have many types, functions, and specifications. The price and use place of each type of industrial door are different. Therefore, companies need to consider their actual needs. Choose an industrial door that meets performance.

②Consider the integrity of the site

To choose an industrial door, you need to consider the entire work process, and configure the number and type of industrial doors according to actual needs. In the industrial production environment, the industrial door not only assumes the role of the switch, but also its sealing, switching speed, safety, and operating noise all need to be taken into consideration.

③ Check the security factors

The safety of industrial doors is one of the factors that enterprises focus on. Now the frequency of goods entering and leaving is very high, so the frequency of use of industrial doors is very high. In the case of non-stop loading and unloading of goods, safety becomes the basic choice Requirements, and the safety device of the industrial door is an important factor to avoid potential safety hazards.

④Industrial door type selection

First of all, you need to determine the project form of the enterprise and understand the entire production process. For example, you need to know whether the project is in the form of logistics or production, whether it is in the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Then this information will affect the type and model of the industrial door, including the opening and closing speed. Airtight heat preservation and so on.

⑤Selection of control mode

The switch control method of industrial doors will directly affect our traffic efficiency and production efficiency. Enterprises need to think about how to open and close the door, and how to use the most labor-saving method to ensure smooth flow and efficiency. At the same time, the switch control must also ensure sufficient safety, and The communication function between the door and the enterprise control center, only when these aspects are considered, can the most suitable industrial door for the enterprise be selected.

⑥Actual specification data

Enterprises need to make targeted industrial door planning according to the actual characteristics of the site, and carry out specific industrial door design according to the site conditions. The choice of doors is not static, and different places will have different solutions, so determine the type, quantity, and specifications of industrial doors in order to choose the most suitable one.



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