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What kind of problems often exist in fire door shutter doors?

There are generally the following problems in the fire door rolling door

First, the transmission problem of the manual quick closing device when the power is cut off. During a fire, if the power supply is interrupted, the on-site personnel can use the manual quick release device. Close the door. Now some fire door rolling shutters are not equipped with this device. Even if it is installed, it often does not work due to quality problems.

Second, the problems of bearings, bearing frames and rolling door machines The installation of the rolling shutter shaft, bearing frames and rolling door machines is not standardized and uniform. Most of the factories that manufacture fire shutter doors do not have regular drawings, and the lack of regular skilled workers is also an urgent problem to be solved.

Third, there is no uniform installation standard for fire door rolling shutter doors. Most civil engineering designers know little about the installation and use of fire shutter doors, and many buildings cannot correctly reserve embedded parts and installation space, resulting in passive installation. Building fire door facilities are a century-old project that cannot be ignored. In view of the current products in the market, the lack of clear specifications for installation often makes the installed fire door rolling doors useless. The seriousness of the consequences deserves attention. the

Therefore, you must choose a regular manufacturer when purchasing and installing fire doors and rolling doors! Nanjing Wanxin Fire Protection is looking forward to cooperating with you!



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