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Points for attention when buying steel and wood fire doors

Now there are various kinds of steel-wood fire doors in the market, and the prices are also very different. Some merchants sell inferior products to high-end products for personal gain, and deceive those customers who do not understand steel fire doors. order in the industry. Therefore, customers must pay attention to the following points before buying steel-wood fire doors.

Line material: The lines currently on the market are mainly divided into three categories: 1. Wood-plastic lines: Wood-plastic substrate surface film (PVC) or sticker paint, because the surface adopts the laminating process, the veneer and the substrate are in use. 2. Plastic-steel lines: Plastic-steel substrate surface film (PVC), because its surface adopts the bonding process, it is easy to stick the surface during use. It is easy to fall off with the substrate, and the surface layer is blistered.

Door leaf surface treatment process: transfer paint process: steel plate anti-corrosion treatment with phosphating solution → plastic spraying treatment on the bottom of the steel plate → baking → heating and transferring the wood grain to the paint on the bottom surface of the steel plate → baking → the surface adopts the car baking paint process. The performance is relatively stable.

The thickness of the steel plate is the part that can best reflect the quality of the product. Due to the diversification of market prices, the thickness of the steel plate is also different. If the surface of the product is to be smooth, smooth and stable, the thickness of the steel plate should reach 0.5mm or more. Impact and impact resistance can achieve good results.



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