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How to identify the quality of fire doors

How to distinguish the pros and cons of fire door products?

Method 1 weight (whether the weight is appropriate)

A good fire door should not be too light. Compared with several fire doors of the same specification and the same type of surface material, it is difficult to say that a fire door that is too light is a high-quality fire door, because most of the core materials used are relatively soft (such as poplar ), the pipes and pores in the wood are relatively large; or there is too little core material inside, which makes the fire door not strong enough. The strength and impact resistance of this kind of fire door are relatively poor, and the sound insulation effect is not good.

Method 2 Look at the appearance (paint and veneer)

The paint surface of high-quality fire doors is full and smooth, rich and natural, the paint film has good transparency, the texture of the surface material is clear and realistic, and the physical properties of the appearance are unobstructed. There are many particles, etc., the transparency of the paint film is poor, the surface texture is blurred, and the appearance of the wood is difficult to distinguish. The reason for inferior fire doors is that, on the one hand, the quality of the paint selected by the manufacturer is poor, and the process and equipment are not up to standard; On the one hand, the selected veneer has many defects, so the transparency of the coating is deliberately reduced to cover up the defects such as dead joints, holes, decay, discoloration, cracks, and indentations on the surface. In addition, the fire door lock hole and hinge Whether the hole and the blind bolt hole are neatly opened, these details are also important points that affect the quality of the fire door.

Method 3 Look at the splicing of veneer or solid wood

The veneer or solid wood splicing of high-quality fire doors is processed more finely, and no joint marks can be seen. The veneer or solid wood of inferior fire doors is relatively rough, and the splicing is more obvious, and even cracks and dislocations appear.

Method 4 Look at the flatness of the fire door

High-quality fire doors have strict requirements on material selection, process control and factory inspection. The surface of finished fire doors is flat and straight, and the appearance is perfect after installation. Inferior fire doors have very low requirements on materials, processes and inspections, and the warpage of finished fire doors After installation, it can be clearly observed that the fire door and the door frame cannot be aligned.

Method 5 Look at the moisture content

The index of moisture content mainly affects the dimensional stability and deformation of fire doors. If the content is too high or too low, problems such as shrinkage, expansion, cracking, and deformation may occur during use. Generally speaking, the moisture content of real fire doors needs to be Below 12%. Usually, high-grade solid fire doors do better in the dehydration process, and the relative moisture content is about 8%. In this way, the formed fire doors are not easy to deform and crack, and the use time will be longer. When purchasing, you can focus on the moisture content of the product.

Method 6 Smell

Smell: You can preliminarily identify whether the fire door meets the environmental protection requirements by smelling the smell. Open the closed door first, or smell the fire door at a close distance. If there is a pungent smell, or even dry eyes, tears, and sneezing, explain The formaldehyde emission of fire doors is high, so it should be selected carefully.

Method 7 Look at the quality inspection

When purchasing a fire door, first check whether the fire door has a quality certificate issued by the state. Especially for high-grade fire doors, in addition to the quality certificate, there is also a detailed description of the material, structure, quality and performance.

Fire doors that meet the national environmental protection regulations must be accompanied by the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. Environmentally friendly fire doors must have the green use mark of the China Environmental Labeling. When purchasing, you must recognize these two signs, and do not buy inferior products that do not meet the specifications. product.

Method 8 Ask for paint category

If you ask the merchant about the type of paint, you will basically answer PU paint (polyurethane paint). The advantage of PU paint is that it is easy to polish and saves time and effort in the processing process. The disadvantage is that the paint film is soft, and slight bumps can easily produce white shadow dents , if there is at least one layer of PE paint in the paint layer, this possibility will be greatly reduced. The advantages of PE paint (polyester paint) are hard paint film, strong hiding power, good transparency, and better performance of wood veneer texture. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to polish, and the processing process is time-consuming and laborious. Most manufacturers are unwilling to use PE coating.



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