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What is the difference between stainless steel fire doors and steel fire doors?

What is worth mentioning about stainless steel fire doors is the choice of material. The material used is more textured stainless steel. The difference from steel fire doors is that the chemical composition of stainless steel is also very strong in fire prevention, and the appearance is also very comfortable and satisfying, which also makes stainless steel fire doors can be developed in the market. comparison has potential.
1. The length of life
The length of life in the use of fire doors is undoubtedly very important. After all, installing fire doors is also a very complicated task, and it is not advisable if the service life is too short. Steel fire doors are easily oxidized because their panels are made of galvanized steel sheets, while stainless steel fire doors contain elements such as nickel and chromium, which have good corrosion resistance. High-quality stainless steel fire doors rely on Good service life is very strong in the market
2. In the strength against the explosion
The well-received stainless steel fire doors are also very good in resisting explosions. The big difference from steel fire doors is the difference in material. The outside of steel fire doors is galvanized steel. If a fire occurs, it is easy to be blown by airflow The nickel, chromium and other elements contained in the stainless steel fire door have strong corrosion resistance, and can well resist the impact of hot air.
Third, the difference in the area used
Because the raw materials used in stainless steel fire doors are relatively environmentally friendly and relatively cheap, and the airtight performance of stainless steel fire doors is good, they are well used in various construction industries and residential buildings. Steel fire doors are well used in buildings such as hospitals.
Generally speaking, the difference between stainless steel fire doors and steel fire doors is also different in the effect of fire protection, and the reasons for the first two materials are also different in the scope of use. Due to the relatively long service life of stainless steel fire doors, it is ideal in the strength to resist explosions, and it is also frequently used in residential buildings in the area where they are used!



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