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What is the difference between a fire door and a security door

Nowadays, there are many interior door materials on the market, and fire doors and anti-theft doors are the two most commonly used types. So here comes the question, do you know the difference between a fire door and a security door? How to choose a security door? Let me give you a brief introduction below.

The difference between fire doors and security doors

1. Features of use

(1) The fire door has a certain fireproof effect, because it is made of fireproof and high temperature resistant materials. Although it has a certain anti-theft function, its anti-prying performance is poor.

(2) The anti-theft door mainly plays an anti-theft role, because its materials are durable, so the anti-theft performance is good. And in the process of use, it has multiple guarantees and good airtight performance. Usually after the door is closed, the door cannot be opened without a key.
2. Production materials

(1) Fire doors use a lot of insulating materials in the production, and some fireproof materials that are non-toxic to the human body are filled inside, so the fire protection level is relatively high. Of course, hardware and rubber strips also have certain fire protection requirements, so they can play a role in fire prevention and smoke isolation.
(2) The anti-theft door is not only made of steel, but also has many types such as stainless steel, and there are other fillers such as rock wool inside, so not only does it not have fire protection, but the rubber strips and locks used are all Conventional ones do not have the functions of fire prevention and smoke insulation.

3. Technical process

I believe everyone knows that qualified anti-theft doors must be marked with the word “FAM” when they leave the factory, and refer to the general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors GB17565-2007. For fire doors, there is usually no specific standard, but the fire resistance must meet the national standard. Compared with security doors, fire doors are thicker, so they are not as good as security doors in terms of design and aesthetics.
After reading the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the difference between fire doors and security doors. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Wanxin Fire, and we will present more exciting content for you in the future.



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